Manual MEMS-Based Integrated Navigation

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MEMS-Based Integrated Navigation (GNSS Technology and Applications) [ Priyanka Aggarwal, Zainab Syed, Aboelmagd Noureldin, Naser El-Sheimy] on.
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This leading-edge resource focuses on the application of MEMS inertial sensors to navigation systems. The book explains how to minimize cost by adding and removing inertial sensors. Moreover, this practical reference presents various integration strategies with examples from real field tests.

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From an introduction to MEMS navigation related applications to special topics on Alignment for MEMS-Based Navigation to discussions on the Extended Kalman Filter, this comprehensive book covers a wide range of critical topics in this fast-growing area. He received his Ph. Aboelmagd Noureldin is a corss-appointment associate professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering at Queens's University and also an associate professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering at the Royal Military College of Canada.

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A GPS-aided Inertial Navigation System in Direct Configuration

Book Description Artech House Publishers, Based on the requirements of reliability and safety for train locating, the fault characteristics of location measuring sensors are analyzed. Based on the structure of the train locating system, the fault-tolerant design of the system is given with the location filtering module for case, in which six fault detectors are employed to determine the configuration of the module.

Then a PCA based fault detection and isolation method is proposed with Hawkins T2 statistics and the corresponding control limit. By dynamically adjusting the efficiency factors, fault could be detected and isolated as prior defined isolating strategies, and then the fault tolerant performance will be guaranteed. Simulation results demonstrate the high fault tolerant ability of the proposed approach and certain practical application value.

Abstract: The application of distributed multi-sensor information fusion technology in accurate positioning of Underwater Vehicle was introduced in this paper. The experimental result shows that the application of fusion algorithm based on Kalman filtering can avoid the limitations of a single sensor, reduce its uncertainty impact and increase the confidence level of data.

The signals from GPS and BNS receivers are easy to be disturbed, so filter is used to estimate the subsystem errors which are transmitted to fusion center online. Then data fusion is carried out by using the fuzzy fusion algorithm.

Introduction to Materials Science for MEMS and NEMS - Part 1

Simulation results show that the algorithm can improve the accuracy and stability of navigation system. Since the project is based on earlier projects, e. Then, the current project is discussed. The major objective of the project is to create a miniature autopilot cooperating with navigation units, data transmission units and measurement units.

The system is based on Polish technological solutions. The autopilot is designed as a single unit, however the system is open and it allows you to use different elements.

The system development is also possible. In-flight testing will be realized with the use of two unmanned flying platforms equipped with an electrical engine and a piston engine. The total mass of the platforms is 5 kg and 25 kg respectively. The article presents the structure of the control and navigation system and then, the structure of the measurement system.

Then, algorithms of the measurement system are described. If the measurement information is complete, GPS data are used to correct measurements from other units.

MEMS-Based Inertial Integrated Navigation Technology for Micro Air Vehicles

The system estimates wind disturbances and calculates accelerometers errors. In the case of missing GPS signals implementation of low-cost sensors may lead to significant measurement errors, and hence navigation only by means of the INS is impossible. In such a case, navigation is realized with the use of an inertial navigation system INS , the magnetic heading measurement and ADC. AHRS unit algorithms use quaternion algebra for attitude calculation.

For correction, complementary filtering is implemented [, [. The correction signal for the attitude pitch and roll angles is calculated with the use of acceleration measurements.

Measurements of accelerations and yaw rates are used for the correction switching mechanism, since in dynamic states signals calculated from accelerations cannot be used for correction. Heading is corrected by means of magnetic heading measurement. On the other hand, inertial navigation system uses the gyro or the accelerometer to measure the moving direction and speed which has the benefits of a high output rate, short-term high stability, navigation performance without external aids, and unaffected by any forms of interference signals.

However, navigation error increases with the elapse of time and it is relatively high in cost. The chart below summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of the satellite navigation system and the inertial navigation system. Low data rate Susceptible jamming and interference.