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Shoulda Been a Cowboy (Rough Riders #7) The bigger they are, the harder they fall--in love. Soldier Cameron McKay has found his niche, and it ain't ropin'.
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The agency woman resembled every supervisor Domini had dealt with in the Ukraine: older, gray-haired, her sharp eyes were only second to her sharp tongue.

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The case file from Sheriff Shortbull came to us late. Had Cam played a part in delaying the information? Probably not.

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Do you consider this a temporary arrangement? Rex DeMarco has no surviving relatives that might be interested in retaining custody? We were housemates for a couple years. During that time I helped take care of Anton.

You became a naturalized citizen of the United States six years ago. Is that correct? When faced with the cold hard facts about her nomadic life, even though she had valid reasons for the continual relocation, she felt her chances of keeping Anton were getting smaller and smaller. Search Novels.

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    Tall, lean and headstrong, FBI agent Kilraven lives by his own rules.

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      Specials Apps Gift Center. Play Sample. Synopsis The bigger they are, the harder they fall—in love. Fearless by Diana Palmer Even in the wide open spaces of Texas, secrets find a place to hide…in the heart of a shy determined woman; behind the hard, rugged exterior of a DEA agent; and in the dangerous world of drug smuggling.